What is the initial process?

We have an initial, free of charge consultation (informal chat) at the dog's house to allow me to meet the dog and for you to meet me. I have a questionnaire about the dog’s health, likes, dislikes, allergies, etc. and a consent form for you sign. If we are all agreeable we will move to the next stage which is another meeting for us all to go for an initial walk. Then, we can agree a start date.

How do I book your services?

By phone, email or text.

How often can you visit?

As often as agreed.

What if you are not available when I need my dog walking?

Should we not be available, we work with other dog walkers who can arrange cover in our absence.

If I have to cancel, what is the procedure?

Either by phone or email by 24 hours before your booking begins.

How do I pay?

Weekly or monthly by cash, cheque or bank transfer - whichever is most convenient for you.

Does my dog need to be chipped and/or wear a collar and tag?

Legally, your dog needs to be wearing a collar with name tag and have a lead. Chipping will be a legal requirement from April 2016.

Do you have signwriting on your vehicle?

No, we use unmarked, private, estate cars.

Will my keys be safe?

Yes, they are always kept in a locked, secure place, identified by numeric tag and kept away from owners' information.

Do you carry out home visits?

Yes, I can provide home visits to provide company, play or food for your dog. I am also able to adminster medication, if required.